17th August 2023 An Extraordinary Collection Of Cheap Swiss Omega Speedmaster Super Clone Watches UK

An Extraordinary Collection Of Cheap Swiss Omega Speedmaster Super Clone Watches UK

We have been able to get a few special perfect super clone Omega Speedmaster Professional watches in the Fratello Shop. These watches have been part of an extensive collection from a Speedmaster fan. Included are a Speedmaster Japan Racing (2004), a Speedmaster Apollo-Soyuz 35th Anniversary (2010), a Speedmaster Tokyo 2020 “Rising Sun” (2018), a Speedmaster “Albino” (1997), a Speedmaster Alaska Project (2008), and a few more. These are all complete sets and are in amazing condition.

Super Clone Omega Speedmaster Tokyo 2020 “Rising Sun” Watches

I was on holiday in Spain in the summer of 2018, sitting next to the hotel pool, when suddenly, I saw on my phone that Omega had introduced this watch for the Japanese market. After inquiring at Omega HQ, I received more information on the set of five top UK Omega Speedmaster replica watches for the then-upcoming 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan. My favorite was this model, ref. 522., with a red tachymeter insert and platinum-look dial. It was like no previous Speedmaster Professional variation and added some color to my mostly black-dial Speedmaster collection.

Only 2020 pieces

Of each model, Omega produced 2020 pieces to commemorate the year in which the Tokyo Games should have occurred. Aside from that, Omega introduced 55 sets with all five watches, as you can read here. I have one of these 1:1 best super clone Omega watches, and a few other Fratello team members do as well, and it’s a great edition of the iconic chronograph. This 42mm Speedmaster Professional Tokyo 2020 was dubbed “Rising Sun” by our own Michael Stockton in this 2018 article, and the nickname has been in use ever since.

Special packaging for the Speedmaster Tokyo 2020

The Swiss movements fake Omega Speedmaster “Rising Sun” and the other Tokyo 2020 watches were all delivered in special Olympic Games-themed white boxes. We are offering the complete set, including the Tokyo 2020 white leather wallet with all the official cards.

Omega Speedmaster Japan Racing Replica Watches

One year after releasing the Mitsukoshi edition(panda dial), Omega decided it was time for another special Speedmaster for the Japanese market. This one would be a re-edition of one of the racing dials the brand had made in the 1960s and limited to 2004 pieces. For a long time, Omega supplied the gray Racing dial and orange handset as spare parts, so it was easy to modify your standard luxury super clone Omega Speedmaster Professional 3570.50 watches. However, we’re offering the real deal, the 2004 Japan Racing edition ref. 3570.40 with the box and warranty card.

Racing configuration

Initially introduced or advertised as a chronograph for car drivers, several Speedmasters received a racing dial. The first was in the 1960s, and later, this dial style was used in the Mark II series. Even today, we find a racing dial in the two-register high quality Omega Speedmaster copy watches (44.25mm). As you can see in the pictures above, the chronograph hands are all in bright orange. The minute track is in red, orange, and white.

Gray dial

Aside from using some bold colors on this Speedmaster Professional Japan Racing 3570.40, I also like the gray color of the dial. It provides a nice contrast to the black aluminum bezel insert as well. Otherwise, this Omega super clone watches for men is identical to the regular Speedmaster Professional 3570.50 of that time, including the caliber 1861, ref. 1998/849 bracelet, Super-LumiNova-applied hands and indices, and red leather box. It’s the dial and hands that make it stand out!

Omega Speedmaster Apollo-Soyuz 35th Anniversary Super Clone Watches

In 2010, Omega introduced this 2023 replica Omega Speedmaster Professional ref. 311. watches, one of my all-time favorite Speedmaster editions. And it’s not only mine, apparently, because every time I see Apollo astronauts at one of Omega’s events, they are wearing this Speedmaster Apollo-Soyuz 35th Anniversary. Astronaut Thomas P. Stafford was wearing it the last time I met him (at a Speedmaster event in Houston in 2015), and he told me that he loved that it had a piece of meteorite inside. Let’s also not forget that he was the (Commander) astronaut of the Apollo-Soyuz Test Project mission in 1975.

Only 1975 pieces of the ref. 311.

This is one of those limited-edition China online Omega Speedmaster super clone watches that were not very popular initially, much like the first Speedmaster Snoopy (2003) and the Speedmaster Alaska Project (2008). Although all the magic is on the dial, the case back is also quite interesting. It shows the names of the astronauts and cosmonauts who participated in this special 1975 mission and a beautiful medallion with the Soyuz and Apollo spacecraft.

A wonderful set

The cheap fake Omega Speedmaster Apollo-Soyuz 35th Anniversary watches comes as a full set with boxes and papers. The charcoal-colored box matches nicely with the meteorite dial, as does the leather wallet with all the (warranty) cards inside and the certificate of authenticity.

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