20th September 2023 Master Of The Sea: Omega Celebrates Depth With The Perfect Swiss Omega Seamaster Summer Blue Super Clone Watches UK

Master Of The Sea: Omega Celebrates Depth With The Perfect Swiss Omega Seamaster Summer Blue Super Clone Watches UK

Omega chose sunny Sanya as the perfect backdrop to showcase 11 new luxury Omega super clone watches in the Seamaster collection that celebrate its mastery of water resistance.

For the China launch of its best UK replica Omega Seamaster Summer Blue collection watches, Omega picked the Sanya Edition hotel and, standing under a cloudless blue sky, gazing out at the multiple lagoons and outdoor pools that surround the property and watching guests – diligently adhering to the blue dress code – saunter by, I can’t help thinking there’s no better place on this side of the world to celebrate summer.

But don’t let Omega CEO Raynald Aeschlimann catch you calling the new additions to the Seamaster family a capsule collection.

“I’ve heard that in Hainan it’s always summer,” Aeschlimann says jokingly. “But I don’t want to use the words summer capsule. The whole collection is about celebrating the depths in our collections.”

Summer Blue celebrates the seven most distinguished models in the large Seamaster family with the release of 11 new cheap Omega super clone watches in varying shades of the colour, each corresponding to the watch’s water resistance. Ranging from sky blue to inky indigo, the collection includes Aqua Terra models at 150 metres, the Seamaster 300M, the Planet Ocean 600M and the gargantuan Ploprof – “to have a Seamaster collection without the Ploprof wouldn’t have been right,” quips Aeschlimann – down to the Ultra Deep model inked in the colour of the Mariana Trench. On the caseback of each model is a commemorative engraving of a trident-bearing Poseidon and two seahorses: top Swiss Omega fake watches’ 1956 original and the brand’s current design.

“What’s new about the design of this new collection is the fact that for the first time – and I’m quite proud of this – we went vertical,” says Aeschlimann. “It’s not a question of making more dials for the collection, but to have a link for the whole collection. The Seamaster means we’re the master of the sea. We were able to show for the first time how deep our collection can go.”

Omega’s precision is unchallenged. The brand’s development of the co-axial escapement, plus its Master Chronometer certification for its 2023 online fake Omega watches, are proof of its dedication to precision timekeeping. But Omega has another strength worth shouting about – its record-breaking achievements in water depths.

In 2019, Omega’s first Ultra Deep prototypes made history when they reached the deepest place on Earth: 10,935 metres below sea level in the Mariana Trench. But that’s not enough: the brand then took the technology and went into production for the China AAA super clone Omega Seamaster Ultra Deep 6000m watches. “Our duty is not just to make a record but to create a watch that fits and feels comfortable on the wrist,” says Aeschlimann. To celebrate this incredible legacy of the depths, he wants people to wear his replica Omega watches for sale.

To pay tribute to this record-breaking dive, Swiss movements Omega copy watches has hidden an Easter egg. The pattern on the lacquer-finished dial is an exact representation of Challenger Deep, the deepest point of the Mariana Trench. But, more playfully, Omega has placed a secret message on the dial, revealed only when a UV light is shone on top. “Omega was here,” it says, pointing towards the world-record dive and showing the Western, Central and Eastern pools.

Omega super clone watches for men loves crazy ideas, I put to Aeschlimann, who smiles and nods in agreement. “But on the other side we also need some kind of coherence,” he cautions. “The colour coding of the depths was an incredible idea that linked the collection and it wasn’t something we needed to invent. The Ultra Deep was special indeed, and we could be playful because of the dark dial. But if we have too many crazy ideas then the concept gets a bit lost. For me, it’s very important to know what we’re celebrating today.”

And what the brand is celebrating is its know-how in water resistance. About finding a fun and cool way to visualise and celebrate the depths, from 150 to 300, 600 and, deep down in the abyss, 6,000 metres.

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