25th March 2023 One Year Of Perfect Swiss Omega MoonSwatch Super Clone Watches UK — And A Special Case To Keep ‘Em All Together

One Year Of Perfect Swiss Omega MoonSwatch Super Clone Watches UK — And A Special Case To Keep ‘Em All Together

Exactly one year ago, all hell broke loose because of the MoonSwatches. Eleven different luxury super clone Omega × Swatch Speedmaster MoonSwatch watches debuted all at once. On March 26th, the first Swatch boutiques started to sell the watches, and the rest is history.

MoonSwatch collecting

Swatch proved that it is still a very relevant brand that can get tens of thousands of people on the move! The first boutique to have the high quality replica Omega MoonSwatch watches on sale was in Australia. No fewer than 5,000 people queued up to (try to) get one. Of course, I won’t retell the whole story. You all surely know what happened and how incredibly difficult it was (and still is) to buy a MoonSwatch. But while some of you still haven’t managed to buy one, many have — Swatch communicated in early 2023 that it had produced the 1,000,000th MoonSwatch. Some of you even have (nearly) all of them.

Getting all MoonSwatch models

One of these guys visited us recently and said he was able to buy most models from a single Swatch boutique. He would repeatedly get a “no” at the start, but with persistence, he bought nearly all of them in less than a year. Another Fratello reader has turned it into a sport to buy the best super clone Omega MoonSwatch watches in different locations. He wants to own all 11, and each of them should come from a different city or country.

And these people are no exceptions. The MoonSwatch-related Facebook groups (some with 50,000+ members) contain more enthusiasts and collectors who managed to buy all of them. This includes the latest 1:1 fake Omega MoonSwatch watches that came out earlier this month (click here). So despite all the negative comments we’ve seen and received under our articles, there are many people out there that are willing to hunt for them.

A first

I understand the frustration that people have about perhaps still not being able to buy a MoonSwatch. Then there was the debacle surrounding them not being available online, despite several Swatch websites having communicated otherwise. The fact that Mr. Hayek Jr. told me in person — even before the official introduction — that they wouldn’t be for sale online showed that Swatch wasn’t 100% aligned internally as well. Most of the comments and anger around the MoonSwatch were about logistics and availability, not so much the product itself. The AAA UK super clone Omega MoonSwatch watches, to me, is bigger than these topics, though. From a watch-media perspective, I’ve never come across anything even remotely close.

Ultimate FOMO

It was the first time that I witnessed a watch become a topic on the nightly news, that random people called me to ask if I could source them one, that a national television show asked me to say something about it, and that people commented on my top Omega copy watches in the weirdest places. It seemed that everyone was after something they could not have. This ultimate FOMO was the product of a nearly 40-year-old watch brand that everyone knows but that had never seen such high demand ever before.

An incredible reach

The MoonSwatch alone resulted in over 1.5 million views on Fratello. And that’s excluding the nearly 600K views on our YouTube coverage of this Omega × Swatch collab. Even the little mockup on the MoonSwatch Speedy Tuesday that I shared on my personal Instagram account (with just 22K followers) got 13,000 likes and reached more than 570,000 IG accounts. My guess is that the MoonSwatch drew the attention of several different communities, not just the watch world. It felt like the watch also spoke to the sneaker and fashion communities as well as those who just always had a weak spot for super clone Omega Swatch watches for sale.

And last but not least, it created a buzz for the cheap Omega Speedmaster replica watches. Sales went up, as Omega confirmed, and independent retailers and marketplaces (Chrono24) reported the same thing. In the end, though, I think the best result was for Swatch itself. The brand was a hot topic during Watches and Wonders 2022, and people still queue up at its boutiques today. Furthermore, Swatch reached an incredibly large audience.

11 boxes for 11 MoonSwatches

For those who witnessed it from a distance, it was an amazing phenomenon to watch. Well played, Swatch, well played! Once you got pulled in, there was motivation, rage, anger, happiness (when you got one), and amazement. The MoonSwatch played with our emotions, whether we like to admit it or not. Below the articles, some readers wrote entire epistles telling everyone how they did not care about the MoonSwatch, but their 500 words spent indicated otherwise. And that’s not a bad thing. It just shows the passion that people have for Omega super clone watches wholesale.

Officina Creativo

For the lucky ones (or few) that have been able to buy all 11 MoonSwatches, Officina Creativo made a beautiful collector’s box for these models. A year ago, the company made a custom box for my Speedmaster collection, which I use every week, and now “OC” has designed a box for the MoonSwatch models. All of them will fit perfectly in one box, which consists of two compartments. The lower compartment can host four Swiss movements Omega fake watches and has additional space (not shown in the images) for a 12th one or some additional straps.

The Officina Creativo MoonSwatch collector’s box is made of wood and leather, and it has the famous picture of the planets and the Sun on the inside of the lid. Thanks to laser engraving and cutting, the Omega × Swatch logo sits prominently on the front side of the box. On top of the lid, the “Bioceramic MoonSwatch Collection” text and a planet’s surface have been laser engraved. The slots inside the MoonSwatch collector’s box are perfect for the Velcro straps as well. You can push the long end of the strap into a small “hidden” cavity that will keep the China super clone Omega MoonSwatch watches in place.

Officina Creative will produce a run of 11 MoonSwatch collector’s cases, each in a different color. The owner of all the 2023 Omega MoonSwatch replica watches that I mentioned earlier helped Officina Creativo with the realization of this box and received a custom-made box last week at our office. Besides being happy to see all MoonSwatch variations side by side once more, we were also able to see and experience the new Officina Creativo MoonSwatch collector’s box ourselves. The quality is impeccable, and it’s all handcrafted in a workshop here in the Netherlands.

Prices and how to get yours

The retail price for each box in this run will be €723 (excluding VAT). After these 11, there will be a regular version of this MoonSwatch Collector’s box available for €930 (excluding VAT). You can order yours via Officina Creativo’s website. The original MoonSwatch case for all 11 models is not available for sale (except for some replicas). Therefore, a custom wooden box might be a good solution! For someone who has spent 11 × €260 for the best quality super clone Omega MoonSwatches watches (and perhaps an additional €275 for the Mission to Moonshine Gold version), this is a perfect place to store your collection.

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