24th October 2023 The Eagle Has Landed: Planet Omega With High Quality UK Super Clone Omega Watches Touches Down In New York City

The Eagle Has Landed: Planet Omega With High Quality UK Super Clone Omega Watches Touches Down In New York City

Between November 9th and 19th, you’ll be able to enjoy Omega’s story in person. Located at the Chelsea Factory, NYC, the Planet Omega pop-up offers an immersive experience of the brand and its history. For even passing fans, the opportunity to see some of the icons of watchmaking should not be missed. Perfect Omega super clone watches worn by luminaries such as Elvis Presley and JFK will be on display, as well as timepieces that changed the industry itself.

Key moments in Omega’s story will anchor the exhibition, with the brand’s extensive relationship with the Olympic Games, the part it played in the Space Race, its role in deep-sea exploration, and its presence on screen (specifically the wrist of a certain secret agent) the defining pivot points of the narrative.

Eyes on the prize…

Since establishing itself as a leader in the field of sports timekeeping, UK best Omega replica watches has continued to support and sponsor sporting events and athletes around the world. With ambassadors such as “the Baltimore Bullet”, 23-time gold medalist Michael Phelps, and seven-time champion and track legend Allyson Felix, Omega has shown its eye for attaching itself to talent. As such, you can expect to see the inspiring stories of these sporting heroes touched upon at Planet Omega.

Beyond the individual partnerships, however, cheap super clone Omega watches concerns itself with major sporting events such as the America’s Cup. Special editions commemorating the brand’s connection to the most prestigious sailing competition in the world are numerous enough to form the basis of a collection themselves, with some classic models within their ranks. The most recent homage to New Zealand’s current champions (Emirates Team New Zealand) is one for the ages, with its unusual black ceramic case paired with electric turquoise highlights. It showcases Omega’s willingness to diversify and evolve its product offering in the face of collaboration and change, something the Planet Omega exhibition will focus on extensively.

And while watches like the luxury fake Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Deep Black Emirates Team New Zealand Edition watches are certainly geared to the future, Omega has not forgotten the importance of its past (especially not when it comes to sport).

In fact, one of the original split-seconds chronographs used to time races at the Olympic Games in 1932 will be present and is referenced as the inspiration for Omega’s new Chrono Chime caliber — the most complex movement ever made by the brand.

Eyes on the stars…

But while international sport can indeed break down barriers between countries and cultures, little compares to the barriers broken by the Apollo missions that sent humankind to the moon.

Since its NASA qualification for manned spaceflight in 1965, top Omega super clone watches has had a front-row seat for this chapter of history. And the relationship between the fabled Swiss brand and astronauts goes back even further than that.

In 1962 when Wally Schirra wore his own, privately purchased CK2998 Speedy on board Mercury-Atlas 8 mission, it became the first Omega worn in Space. This legendary model, along with many others, will be on display in New York for this ten-day period.

What lies beneath…

But perhaps the most timely display of all is the one that focuses on Swiss movements Omega copy watches‘ history beneath the waves. This year, 2023, sees the 70th anniversary of the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms. Widely regarded as the first modern dive watch, the Fifty Fathoms is Blancpain’s most famous model. As a fellow member of the Swatch Group, Blancpain has also buddied up with Swatch (as Omega did with the Moonswatch) to produce a BIOCERAMIC version of its undisputed icon.

However, while there is a strong case to be made for Blancpain having debuted the first commercially available modern dive watch, Omega was many years ahead of the curve when it came to debuting the first watch capable of withstanding submersion to serious depths.

Following Rolex’s 1926 release of the Oyster case (the world’s first water-resistant wristwatch), Omega released the Marine in 1932. Where this differed from the Oyster (aside from its novel “case within a case” construction), was the depth to which it claimed resistance.

By modern standards, the early Oyster case, while revolutionary in itself, was not suitable for diving. The Marine, meanwhile, was tested at the bottom of Lake Léman in Geneva at a depth of 73 meters. Five years after the first test (which had been conducted in 1936), the watch was tested under strict laboratory conditions and was found to be waterproof all the way down to 135 meters. This, without much doubt, made it the first actual divers’ watch, and a milestone for the watchmaking industry in general.

The exhibition also encompasses Omega’s modern-day efforts to stay on top in the diving game, with a display dedicated to the recent AAA Swiss super clone Omega Seamaster “Ultra Deep” watches, released in 2019. These models continue the Marine’s esteemed legacy having been tested at the deepest point ever recorded at the bottom of the ocean (in the Mariana Trench). Remarkably, the Omega Ultra Deep series is water resistant to a staggering 6,000 meters (or 20,000 ft).

From the shadows to the silver screen

And lastly, Planet Omega has a section honoring the world’s most famous spy, James Bond. Since 1995’s Goldeneye, the MI6 sleuth has worn replica Omega watches wholesale. In Daniel Craig’s recently concluded tenure as the beloved heartthrob-come-hitman, the screen time afforded to each Omega model increased, with the Seamaster 300 variant designed for Spectre playing an active role in the plot (and ultimately being responsible for Blofeld’s disfiguration — a standout moment in the self-contained series of five films).

Since the launch of No Time To Die, Omega super clone watches for men has continued to produce anniversary specials in the James Bond canon, much to the delight of brand and Bond collectors alike.

Whatever era of production of milestone moment appeals to you most, it is likely Planet Omega has you covered. If you happen to be in the area (or feel like making a special trip), the Planet OMEGA exhibition will run from November 9th to 19th at the Chelsea Factory, 547 W 26th Street. Doors will open between 11 am to 7 pm every day throughout.

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