11th April 2024 The New AAA Best Omega “Snoopy” MoonSwatch Super Clone Watches Now Comes In Black & White

The New AAA Best Omega “Snoopy” MoonSwatch Super Clone Watches Now Comes In Black & White

Just when we thought we were out of the MoonSwatch craze, they pulled us back in. After a handful of teasers rolled out in early 2024, mostly on Instagram, Swatch has officially unveiled two cheap UK Omega super clone watches editions of what will likely be the most sought-after MoonSwatch yet.

The white version is officially called the Omega x Swatch Bioceramic MoonSwatch Mission to the Moonphase. The black version’s official title is even more arduous; the top 1:1 replica Omega x Swatch Biocermic MoonsSwatch Mission to the Moonphase – New Moon watches.

Both luxury super clone Omega Speedmaster watches depict Snoopy on the dial, sitting on a crescent moon in a moonphase display at 2 o’clock. But that’s not the only reference to the cartoon beagle they include. Swatch also says this is the first time the company has combined a chronograph with a moonphase.

Here’s everything you need to know about both models, including what they share and how they differ.

Both versions feature the same new movement

The original best online fake Omega MoonSwatch lineup watches utilizes features a basic ETA quartz chronograph with counters for running seconds, 60 chronograph minutes and 10 chronograph hours.

The Mission to the Moonphase models, however, use a quartz chronograph caliber that incorporates a moonphase complication at the 2 o’clock subdial, replacing the hour counter.

The running seconds and chronograph minutes registers remain at their normal locations of 10 o’clock and 6 o’clock, respectively. In typical MoonSwatch fashion, Swatch has not revealed the exact caliber powering the 2024 perfect Omega super clone watches.

Both versions feature Snoopy in multiple clever ways

Swatch called upon longtime Omega, Swatch and NASA collaborator Snoopy to decorate both Mission to Moonphase models.

The lovable Peanuts character features on the moonphase dial, relaxing on a crescent moon with his pal Woodstock on his lap. But there’s also a reference to Snoopy on the back of the Omega copy watch, as the battery cap features an image of the moon emblazoned with a prominent Snoopy footprint.

Although there has never been an Omega “Silver Snoopy” with a moonphase, the white dialed Mission to Moonphase version of the MoonSwatch does recall two of the three specific Omega Snoopy Speedys. To my eye, its monochromatic display recalls the 45th anniversary Silver Snoopy edition (ref. 311., which also features a white dial with black accents and shows Snoopy lying down amidst the running seconds subdial. The caseback, with its “Snoopy on the moon” motif, slightly resembles the stunning animated caseback on the current Silver Snoopy (ref. 310., which features Snoopy in a lunar module flying over the moon.

They both feature a hidden message revealed only by a blacklight

The moonphase display is also hiding a special trick. While the Swiss made super clone Omega watches features green-glowing Grade A Super-LumiNova on the hands and indices, the moonphase is coated with special UV ink that’s only visible under a UV light. Once activated, the ink not only lights up the moons of the moonphase, but also reveals a hidden sky of stars also a hidden message from Snoopy saying “I can’t sleep without a night light!”

What’s different between the black and white versions of the Mission to Moonphase MoonSwatch Series

For the most part, the color schemes are the inverse of each other. However, there is one cheeky detail beyond color that distinguishes the two. As the “new moon” in the black version of the replica Omega watches for men name hints, Snoopy is on a different celestial body than his doppelgänger on the white version, so the moonphase aperture on the dial is different. On the black model, the moon phases (and Snoopy) appear on the right and left. On the white model, the moonphases appear at the top and bottom. The divider between the phases is also translucent on the black version.

Where to buy the MoonSwatch Mission to Moonphase Series

As we’re used to by now, this MoonSwatch will be a pain to get — even more so than usual, most likely. Demand is going to be through the roof, as that’s just what happens when high quality Omega super clone watches and Snoopy come together, and you’ll only be able to buy the Mission to the Moonphase in person at select Swatch stores. (Head here to see which stores.)

The good news is the cheap UK super clone Omega watches are non-limited, so while it’s likely going to be very hard to get at retail, you can potentially wait out the hype and get one down the road. The white watch is technically available now, having gone on sale on March 26 (good luck finding one). The black version hits stores on April 8, so you can expect lines around the block at your local Swatch store.

Finally, Snoopy and his nifty new complication come at a premium, as the Mission to the Moonphase is priced at $310 — a $50 increase over a standard MoonSwatch.

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